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Totally Auto, where it's not just parts but the services and experience you need to back them up! Nearly 3-DECADES of EXPERIENCE and over 100-concours restorations has taught us a thing or two about what it takes to win. Our established restoration shop is well-suited to handle just about any of your Mopar component restoration needs. Let our expert restoration staff restore that hard to finish grille, tail-panel, trim or just about any other part. Alternator & Starter restoration, Power Brake Booster & Master Cylinder Rebuilds, Sub-assemblies, Suspension Detailing and everything in between.

Our restoration facility is well-equipped to handle most any restoration project. Now, our services are available to the home restorer. Our team will restore your parts to your specifications. You benefit from our experience. All work is show quality and built to last!



For the serious restorer, nothing looks more like the proper coating than, the proper coating. Ship us your old rusty latches, brackets, housings and more and they'll be returned to you, restoration correct and ready to install. Zinc Plating is found after ‘67 on most Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth cars. It is similar in appearance to our Cadmium plating but is considerably more enduring. That's why Chrysler switched to it. Used on hood, door and trunk latches, along with strikers and hardware, our Zinc can be had in all the varying colors. Zinc Dichromate is the yellow/gold, rainbow iridescent plating that separates the good restorations from the bad! It’s used on door latches, underhood firewall accessory brackets and much more!
Black Zinc is common to hood latches and hardware, while Clear (Silver) Zinc is normally found on trunk latches, small brackets and shims. Typically, Zinc is a bit shinier and requires less maintenance than Cad.
Phosphate Coating is found throughout our Dodge and Plymouth musclecars. It appears flat black or gray and is used on assorted hardware, brackets and linkage. Our in-house team will carefully prepare and recondition your parts and can even include inspection marks! (when specified)

mail order parts






Our Powder Coatings are being used by some of the nation's top restoration shops, and on many of the hobby's most beautiful cars. It's one of the most durable coatings known. In fact, salt-spray tests have proven it to last up to 140 times longer than regular paint! Generally a form of pulverized paint, powder coating’s baking process creates an extremely durable finish. Now, through exhaustive research, Totally Auto has formulated colors to closely match most OEM finishes, including bare metal!
Ask about our suspension specials, including rebuild service!
Typical Front Suspension Components include: K-Frame, lower control arms, upper control arms, spindles, tie-rod sleeves, torsion bars, strut bars and backing plates.

Quality is impeccable, prices affordable and turn-around is minimal!



Simply ship us your parts for a free GUESSTIMATE, we'll be happy to discuss your needs.
Unfortunately it would be impossible to guesstimate jobs of this nature without first seeing the parts. Simply send them to us for a free estimate. Should you not like the price, all you would pay is for the return S+H. We apologize for being vague but this is a vague science.



Well, its really less of a crate; more like a cage for an elephant.
What we have here is a 1967 Belvedere POST car which actually is pretty
rare in itself. No, its not a crate motor but instead a correct for 67 Barton
-built STROKER!
The story of how it came to be what you see here most definitely falls
into the oddest of the Mopar oddities!
As you probably know we do full-on concours restorations. Little known is
that we also do a ton of what we call, MAIL-ORDER COMPONENT-RESTORATION. What
that means is folks send us their old crusty parts, (through our parts
department) and enjoy the same quality restoration work our shop offers on
entire cars. The parts return ready to use just as if we were installing them
in one of our high-end restorations. In most cases we do grilles, tailpanels,
alternators and starters, power brake units and such, but this time was a little different.
A customer in Texas took things a little to the extreme! He owns a 1967
GTX Hemi car and rather than wait on our two-year full-restoration list,
He took matters into his own hands. Basically, he found a shop in
Texas that could handle the body and paint work. Capable of turning out the
quality he desired but mostly a Mustang shop, the Texans were a little
confused over the particulars of a true Hemi Mopar restoration. So what did
he do? He dropped off the body shell in Texas and shipped EVERYTHING else
North, to Totally Auto, (Feasterville, Pa.) for the royal treatment.
As work progressed we started the nightmare of how to ship all this
stuff, some 70,000 pieces, to Texas without damage. It all started with the
dash; its a restored GTX unit with many new parts including a mint red dash
pad, restored cluster, NOS dash mounted clock, well, you get the idea! One
afternoon Totally Auto owner, Dave Ferro exclaimed, "Man it would be a lot
easier to just put all this in a car and have the car transported to Texas."
Hey, the dash would be safe, and a bonus; The mustang guys would get a
working example of where all the nuts and bolts go. The dash for example;
pull out the bolts, swing the unit into the painted up GTX and bolt it down
using that same hardware. A full scale model, if you will.
In one of our parts-car yards was the Belvedere you see here and well, a
picture tells a thousands words!
Component Restoration to the second POWER!

Crate Car


Component Restoration













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