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Established in 1986
Totally Auto Inc. is a LONG-STANDING, FAMILY owned and operated,
MOPAR Musclecar Restoration Facility.
We are a progressive shop offering OEM & Over-The-Top restorations along with Creative Customs and Innovative Design.
We are WELL-KNOWN for Extreme-High-Quality vehicles that Run and Operate as good as they look!
You can expect superb workmanship, supreme roadability and show-winning results, done right the first time!
Totally Auto's restorations have won awards all over the world. Our builds have won first place and/or best of show at Chryslers @ Carlisle, The Mopar Nationals, Mopars at Englishtown, Carlisle's ALL CHRYSLER NATIONALS, Maple Grove, The Chrysler Classic, Musclecar and Corvette Nationals and many, many more! We still hold the record for highest scoring car at Carlisle's Standard of Mopar Excellence, a record that stands since 1995!
Besides performing well over 100 over-the-top restorations, Totally Auto Owner, Dave Ferro has judged and performed as head judge at several national events, he's designed several of the judging systems and is an accomplished automotive technical journalist. As a journalist, Dave has over 100 (Mopar specific) tech articles to his credit. Additionally, he has written for Mopar Muscle Magazine, acted as technical editor for High Performance Mopar Magazine and most recently, working closely with Robert Wolf at Mopar Collector's Guide Magazine. He's built the lead vehicles and lead the way for years of "MoPowered Tours", helping many a Mopar make it on the Long-Haul as they Criss-cross the country. This, and more, all goes to prove we are always willing to give back to the hobby.
Our Shop also offers Show and Street Upgrades, Vehicle Maintenance, Performance Modifications and World-Class Body and Paint Services.
Our Mail-Order Component Restoration Services offer all the quality expected from our Well-Equipped facility and trained staff but at an affordable price geared to help the home restorer. Grilles, Tail-panels, Trim, Starters, Alternators, Full-Suspensions, Dash Assemblies, Plated Components, nearly every part of YOUR car….All done to the outstanding standards of our in-house Restorations!
Following is an article, (Reprinted with permission from Chryslers @ Carlisle official directory), that says it far better then we could.
"Old Pro
Okay, he's really not so old... but he is a pro.
Building Mopars for a hobby has created problems for Dave Ferro. Don't misunderstand me, there was nothing wrong with the cars; they were always first rate. In fact, that was the problem-they were too good. It seems that as soon as one of his creations rolled out of the garage, another personal project would be underway. Tough life, right? It wasn't, until he headed toward his first show competition; that's when the problems started. The cars were too nice- and they won. Comments like, "Nice car!" were inevitably followed by, "Can you build one like that for me?" Soon to follow was, "Here's my check." What's a guy to do? Dave would give in, watch his newest pride and joy fade into a dark corner, then he'd go back to the garage to help another guy realize his dream. Sixty-six cars were built in that two-car garage and after a while, building Mopars for a living just seemed like the logical choice. So began Totally Auto Inc.
Since turning pro, Dave and what he refers to as, "Team Totally Auto", has churned out four to five really mind boggling, complete turn-key cars a year and countless rolling chassis. Partial restorations, custom work, updating and improving existing muscle cars, tuning engines and the like also kept him real busy- so busy, in fact that Dave had to bring on an entire crew.
A couple of decades have passed since Dave opened his doors to the public. His nerve shattering restorations and customs have been racking up the national awards ever since. From that first two-car garage, Totally Auto moved to a 6000 square foot shop, then onto 8800 square feet, which was later expanded to 17,600 square feet of shop space. And they finally moved on to their most recent location, a restored dealership that Dave himself worked atin the late 70's
Over the years, Dave developed a reputation as one of the best builders on the East coast. Before he knew it, his accumulated Mopar knowledge and his attention to detail, (that borderlines insanity) had him well prepared and hard at work judging car shows. As Dave states, "It didn't seem like a big deal, just common sense stuff and the next thing you know they're flying me out to judge shows across the country." In fact, Dave is the founder of Carlisle's own Standard of Musclecar Excellence. Also drawing from that knowledge pool are several different car and truck magazines, all of which print Dave's in-depth technical works as an automotive journalist. Like I said, this is one busy guy.
So what makes Totally Auto's cars stand alone? Unlike a lot of builders, Dave's cars don't follow a formula, so there are no cookie-cutter, look-alike cars coming out of his shop. The only things Totally Auto built cars have in common are superb workmanship and supreme roadability. So now you see why building Mopars, as a hobby, created problems for Dave; and what about those personal projects? Most of them wind up in print as magazine project cars. Currently he owns several vehicles. Under construction-last time we checked-was a '71 Plum Crazy Challenger convertible resto and a pro-street 440-6 'Cuda. In the wings are many more fine examples; a wild '67 GTX custom, and more! Referred to in a recent magazine article as a "Mopar restorer extraordinaire", Dave told how his shop manages to produce national award winners on a consistent basis. The best testimony to Dave's abilities is this-he gives his customers what they want, as well as what he knows they need. But then, what else would you expect from an old pro?" (Carlisle STAFF)


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