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Just a little something we dug out of a barn many moons ago.

Built for the second regular-season episode of the short-lived series, Banacek, was what later became known as the AMX-400. That which started life as a loaded 1969 AMC AMX (2-seater, white with a tan interior), was carted off to none-other than the man himself, George Barris at Barris Kustoms. There. the 390 powered, A/C. tilt wheel equipt AMX was transformed into the experimental AMX-400 race car. With the metamorphoses complete, what was then was no more. Now standing 7-inches lower and 18-inches longer, Barris chopped the roof, lengthened the nose, lowered the suspension, sculpted the body and added a few louvers. With a classic mid-seventies flair the car was needless to say, very heavily modified. From its four-and-a-half inch chopped roof and slanted windshield to its radiused wheel wells with flares extending from the fender, through the doors, fading into the quarters, this baby screams circa '74!

As fate would have it, the AMX vanished as rapidly as the villainous series it starred in. Luckily though, destiny was kind to this one and it found itself stored indoors for the 33 long years that followed. Surviving much better than its human counterparts, the AMX was actually found in quite nice, survivor (not the TV show) type condition. Some time-instilled drivetrain items needed attention. Frozen brakes, clogged fuel system and other afflictions all added-up to infect her mechanicals. But all that was fixed while she was in Totally Auto's Shop. There was some damage done to its hood (Fixed Now) and some signs of aging in the crafty bodywork and custom pearl paint yet, with only 3000 miles to her age, this enduring celebrity is still rockin'.



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